Sea Foam Candy

Sea Foam Candy

Sea Foam Candy
A beige, delicately flavored, smooth and creamy candy.

In a large 2-quart saucepan, combine salt, water, light brown and white sugars, corn syrup, and sugar.

Cook mixture while covered until it quickly boils.

Remove the lid, place a candy thermometer in the pan, and heat it to 260 degrees F without stirring (127 degrees C).

Get rid of the heat.

Egg whites should be stiffened up.

While using an electric mixer on high speed, continuously pour hot syrup over egg whites.

Pour in the vanilla and pecan flavors.

Beat the candy until soft peaks start to form and the gloss starts to fade.

Pecans are then stirred in before being spooned out onto wax paper.

Store candy in an airtight container once it has set.