Sinaloa-Style Ceviche

Sinaloa-Style Ceviche

Sinaloa-Style Ceviche
This shrimp ceviche is prepared Sinaloa-Style with serrano and jalapeno chile peppers, tomatoes, red onion, and plenty of fresh lime juice.

Combine shrimp white onion and juice of 7 limes in a large bowl.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until shrimp is opaque about 12 hours.

Drain discarding accumulated juices.

Blend juice of remaining 7 limes with serrano chile pepper.

Pour into a large bowl.

Combine shrimp and onion mixture crabmeat tomatoes cucumber red onion jalapeno peppers and cilantro in the bowl.

Stir in tomato and clam juice cocktail.

Season with salt and black pepper.