Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago)

Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago)

Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago)
These soft-boiled, jammy eggs are marinated in a mixture of soy, mirin, and sake. Cut them in half and add them to your ramen soup for extra flavor.

Bring eggs to room temperature by soaking them in warm water for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile bring a large pot of water to a low boil.

Carefully pierce the bottom of each egg with thumb tack.

Gently lower eggs into the boiling water.

Gently lower eggs into water and boil for 6 minutes 20 seconds.

Remove eggs and place in a bowl of ice water until completely cool about 2 minutes.

While the eggs are cooling stir together soy sauce mirin sake and pepper for marinade in a bowl.

Carefully peel cooled eggs; try to start from the middle of the shell and work you way up and down.